🌿 100% wholesome Organic products and muslim women apparels imported from Senegal and Authentic types of Honeys from around the world. These products will give you great results for healthier skin and hair-growth.

Wholesome Organic handmade crafted products

This company is focused on making organic handcrafted beauty products that are vegan friendly, hair products and healthy body butters to help you by putting important nutrients in your body to help you heal rejuvenate and grow longer hair.

I grew up relaxing and bleaching my hair and treating it badly no one knew how to manage my hair and the only things I would do made me lose all of my hair and get chemical scalp burns.

I have been on this 4c hair journey for 10 years. My products will help your journey and your hair grow strong and stay healthy.

As a research scientist I use organic ingredients in all the products that will help your hair grow stronger. It have proven 100% effective to help hair grow, maintain length.

Our products will give you results and satisfaction. We sell handmade home decorations as well that will bring you happiness to look at in your home.

All products are HANDMADE in small batches with the Rawest Organic Ingredients! Free of Parabens, Glycol, Preservatives, Fragrance, Gmo's and Sulfates. Your purchase supports the clean water project in Senegal with IRUSA. Thank you for your help.